Personal and Home Styling


We're here for all of your personal and home styling and shopping needs, from choosing the perfect dress for an upcoming event, travel luggage, updating your entire wardrobe,or if you need help finding a gift! Decorate your home, office or any space you give a different look.

Here's How It Works

1. Tell Us Your Styling Needs

You'll send to us an email that tells us about your aesthetic preferences to you or your space, styling goals, wardrobe, travel or home needs.

2. Check Your Inbox

Your stylist-to-be will contact you via email to review the details before you confirm your preferred date and time for your in-store or home styling session.

3. Time To Shop!

Meet your stylist in the store where you can shop the floor together or head straight for the fitting room, which will be filled with special, just-for-you styles.

Here's How We Can Help

We can help you understand the breadth of our services. Whether you just want to chat with us or need a few hours to work through your needs, we can help you!

Wardrobe or Space Refresh

Event Outfitting

Gifting Solutions