Scented decorative candles. Set of 8

We are fans of the decoration of our homes, since with this we contribute to make our space attractive, beautiful and comfortable. Feeling comfortable in the place where we live and achieving a feeling of well-being is very important. In addition, this influences our moods and the type of decoration we choose will depend on the personality of each person. For this reason, we invite you to choose beautiful details for your home such as these scented Decorative candles set, they will give your space a casual and modern look. 

  • Set of 8
  • No smoke.
  • Made in soy wax.
  • Made with natural ingredients, oils, extracts.
  • Lavender, green tea, coco cake, lemongrass, ponderosa pine, coffee whiskey, Oolong milk tea, fig.
  • Color may be lighter or darker depending of the device it is displayed.
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